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Process improvement As a Service

Applying Agile principles in process improvement teams.

Nowadays, organizations are navigating through changing environments generated by new strategies focused in customer value (either internal or external customers). The generation of internal efficiencies through the reorganization and the adoption of new technologies are key tools to keep on track key performance indicators.


Agile methodologies can act as a useful path when dealing with the speed of changes required with the introduction of new regulations, business needs or even resource organization.

On the contrary of other traditional methodologies where planning and requirements generation efforts are required to happen at the first stage, agile methodologies focus on what really matters when it comes to deploying a technology or introducing efficiencies in the organizations´ operations. Agile is focused in delivering value.


Agile methodologies therefore focus on the tasks that add value using very short and iterative cycles to analyze and measure whether the decisions made and deliveries are aligned with customer´s expectations.


Projects not only do benefit from this framework, but team extensions focused on making your organization's process improvement teams more flexible can benefit from this agile approach too.


Following this context, at The Future of Finance Function we follow an approach based on Agile for the creation or extension of teams within your organization with the aim of addressing process improvement projects throughout technology.

Mejora de Procesos SAAS, Proyectos de Transformación Financiera

Through our "Process Improvement as a Service" service your organization can:


  • Have total flexibility to address short and medium-term team needs of any area when launching digital transformation projects. 

  • Establish a contractual relationship not linked to a specific project, which eliminates administrative and negotiation tasks from the equation to focus the efforts of professionals on what really matters, the generation of value.  

  • Integrate professionals with skills not available in your organization and have the support to enrich your teams with high valuable experience and knowledge.

  • Transfer us the lead in the creation and management of process improvement teams with different skills necessary to address any challenge to improve your operational processes through technology.

Your organization´ challenges related to efficiency projects become our challenges. We can provide professionals with a high level of specialization and experience to take part of your tech teams.

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Let´s initiate together the journey towards the Smart Finance Function!
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