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Digitalization and Equiality Plans 

Fondos Europeos Next Generation EU, KitDigital, Bono Digital
KitDigital, Fondos Europeos Next Generation EU, Bono Digital, The Future of Finance Function

Our "Plug & play" Equality reporting model based in Qlik Sense


At The Future of Finance Function we have developed a RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) model in Qlik Sense that allows Human Resources and Compensation benefit areas to have a Data Discovery tool available in a few days to easily discover inequalities, differences, disadvantages and obstacles that may exist in a organization to reach a state of effective equality between women and men.

Our template allows to streamline the preparation of the gender pay gap reports, as well as the control and monitoring of the data disaggregated by other non monetary benefits, facilitating the setting of clear objectives and follow up of the equality plans.

Additionally, those responsible for preparing equality plans can benefit from the reduction of non-valued added activities such as preparation of data and reports, allowing HR teams to focus the efforts on identifying signs of discrimination and gender direct (monetary) and indirect (non monetary) gaps.

Our solution goes beyond the minimum requirements detailed in the Equality Plan´s Royal Decrees published  and the recommendations issued by the Spanish Ministry of Equality published through the Institute of Women.


The model consists on 13 blocks with a total of 34 analysis dashboards:

  • Home Dashboard

  • Workforce 

  • Professional Categories and Leveling

  • Wages

  • Leaves

  • Promotions

  • Conciliation

  • Hiring

  • Training

  • Modification of contracts

  • Lawsuits

  • Social benefits

  • Monitoring and Control

Contact here our team of experts to request a demo or find out the details about our proposal on Equality Plans.

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¿Cómo se puede realizar la solicitud del bono digital?


Desde el 15 de marzo de 2022, está abierta la primera convocatoria para realizar las solicitudes para el primer segmento (empresas con 10-49 empleados) a través de un formulario accesible desde y que se puede cumplimentar de forma telemática.


En el artículo 9 de la Orden ETD/1498/2021 "Obligaciones de los beneficiarios" se pueden consultar los detalles de los trámites y condiciones que deben cumplirse para poder realizar la solicitud de las ayudas del Bono Digital.

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