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Elaboration of Strategic Plans based in technology for Finance Operations

Auditoría Proyectos de transformación financiera

Audit and roadmap generation to improve the financial function based in the introduction of technology.


At The Future of Finance Function we have published a scale of automation grades ladder aimed at assessing the degree of maturity of an organization's financial operations.

The purpose of our scale is to serve as a benchmark to assess the different pathways to evolve financial operations, where the most advanced level has been denominated as Smart Finance Function.

The different levels of the ladder serve to help financial areas such as Financial Accounting, Management Control, Treasury, Financial Reporting, Taxes and other related areas such as Internal Audit, Responsibility Corporate Social, Legal, etc., on its way to to introduce new and more sophisticated ways of working.

Our guidelines establish a common framework using 6 different maturity levels to guide professionals of the Financial Function and their stakeholders on the use of technologies and levels of automation.

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How do we support the elaboration of strategic digital transformation plans?

We provide guidance on digital transformation endeavour through the realization of an initial audit project to identify the areas for improvement through the reorganization of processes and the introduction of new technologies.

Below is an example of the content structure of the document for assessing the current state of financial operational processes and the roadmap with the recommendations divided into several areas:

Current situation (AS IS)


  • Process Assessment

  • Technology Assessment

  • Team Assessment

Target scenario (TO BE)


  • Process recommendations

  • Technology recommendations

  • Equipment recommendations

  • Training recommendations

  • Short, medium and long-term process and tech roadmap

The minutes of all the meetings held during the audit phase are delivered together with the strategic plan report.  

Sample of agenda to address an audit to elaborate a strategic plan for finance:


  • Phase 0 is the phase prior to the start of the audit project where certain points must be prepared before the start of the project by the customer. 

  • Phase 1 represents the working sessions where interviews, process reviews and digital platform reviews.

  • Phase 2 mainly focuses on the preparation of the report of recommendations.

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Let´s initiate together the journey towards the Smart Finance Function!
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